Map of tourist attractions is a website for travelers. We search for points of interest and update the site on daily basis. You can find here more than 200 tourist attraction categories, including castles, ski resorts, restaurants, religion-related places and much more. Currently, we can provide you information about more than 2.000 tourist places around the world. Our own database, based on own travel experience mostly around Europe, is combined with another data sources to provide you maximum data coverage (while we automatically remove duplicate entries). It took us almost 6 months, before we were able to publish online version of these data and we hope you enjoy it! Big thanks to our sponsor and online e-learning support partner CPA Review Courses Co.

If you are not thinking about concrete place name now, let us inspire you by a list of the most popular places on this website so far. Maybe you could be interested, what's behind the site and what it takes to create a simple map of tourist attractions. We would be glad to hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions. Thank you.

Our selection of the most popular places
Shanghai, China
Mumbai, India
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Istanbul, Turkey
Jakarta, Indonesia
Moscow, Russia
São Paulo, Brazil
Soul, South Korea
Warangal, India
Mexico City, Mexico
Bangkok, Thailand
New York City, USA
Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa
Tehran, Iran
Lagos, Nigeria
Lima, Peru
Kolkata, India
Cairo, Egypt
London, United Kingdom
Chennai, India
Luanda, Angola
Hong Kong, China
Bogota, Colombia
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Bangalore, India
Changchun, China
Santiago de Chile , Chile
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Atlanta, USA
Singapore, Singapore
Toronto, Canada
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Sydney, Australia
Yangon, Myanmar
Wuhan, China
Melbourne, Australia
Panay, Philippines
Chongqing, China
Chittagong, Bangladesh